My Favourite London Devils

Here is a delirious gathering of some of the writers, living and dead, who haunt Iain Sinclair and who inform his own London books. A party at the end of time where familiar ghosts line up to tell their overlapping stories. My Favourite London Devils is a gazetteer of influences and enthusiasms. A charge sheet. And a fragmented autobiography laid out through a series of portraits as picaresque as John Aubrey’s Brief Lives. Sinclair has assembled an accidental novel in the form of a dictionary of unreliable memories, passionate critiques and interviews with the London writers he has met and admired, or recovered, secondhand, from street markets and the recommendations of wandering untenured librarians. We encounter established London authorities: Peter Ackroyd, Michael Moorcock, JG Ballard, Angela Carter. We pay our respects to the eternally rediscovered: Patrick Hamilton and Alexander Baron. And the reforgotten: Roland Camberton and Robert Westerby. Lives become books. And books become a city. The devils are out there, waiting.

FULL LIST OF WRITERS: Peter Ackroyd, J.G. Ballard, Alexander Baron, Roland Camberton, Angela Carter, B. Catling, Joseph Conrad, Arthur Conan Doyle, Patrick Hamilton, John Healy, Thomas Homes, Jack Kerouac, Arthur Machen, Michael Moorcock, Robert Westerby. All are illustrated by Dave McKean, plus one of Mr Sinclair.


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