Payment can be made via Paypal – they accept credit/debit card information as well as Paypal account details.

All items are signed by Dave McKean.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t expect Amazon-style expected delivery dates or communication. All items are shipped as soon as possible in between travel and work commitments, so delivery times will vary. If it’s a small order, it’ll be in the mail, if it’s a large or expensive order, it will be trackable so let us know, and we’ll try and track it down. Give it a good month before getting back in touch to say your package hasn’t arrived and we’ll work something out.

IMPORTANT AGAIN: Due to one recent transaction, we no longer accept returns as all items are personally signed, so please make sure you’ve ordered the right thing. If you think you may want to return it, please order from a different online store.

REGARDING ONLINE MARKETING COMPANIES: Please don’t bother emailing us, we’re fine as we are.

If you have any questions concerning your order, please contact our shop email address: