I have a TWITTER account – @davemckean – which I used to use to enable contact until it became a seething cauldron of hate, at which point I gave up. I now have an INSTAGRAM account apparently, posts appearing on Instagram and Twitter are by me, but I have a friendly (anti)social media colleague who is posting them for me. I’ve never been on Instagram, and rarely look at Twitter these days.

I have a private Facebook page, but only use it to communicate and keep in touch with people I actually know. I never look at or respond to Messenger messages.

There is a Fans of DM page – it is not run by me, but I keep an eye on it, and comment and answer questions from contributors when I can.

If you have placed an order and have questions regarding it, or want any information regarding the shop on this website, or if you want to contact me for any professional or business matters, you can use this email:

NOTE: I don’t do private commissions any more. Requests for commissions won’t get a reply.

Please contact my agent ONLY if you have publishing questions to discuss:

Literary agent:
Merrilee Heifetz
21 W.26th. Street
New York
New York

For original artwork and prints, please look online at the inventories at these galleries, or email them directly. Please don’t email the signorcaligaro address hoping to buy Arkham or Sandman pages, they’re all gone, or I’m keeping them, and I prefer to sell through, and therefore support, galleries.

I will post news of forthcoming exhibitions on the NEWS page when they happen.

Huberty Breyne Gallery, Brussels –

Galerie Martel, Paris –

Galerie Artizar, La Laguna, Tenerife –

Galerie Barbier & Mathon, Paris –

Adam’s Gallery, Reigate, UK –

Century Guild, Los Angeles –

Galerie GlĂ©nat, Paris –

Allen Spiegel Fine Arts –