You can contact me, or ask me a question on TWITTER: @davemckean

I don’t look at my twitter feed all the time, but I usually catch questions that I can answer easily as they go by. If you want an interview, or an appearance at a festival or art school, or your enquiry is more involved, catch my attention on twitter and I can DM you an email address.

Illustration and design in the US:

Allen Spiegel @ Allen Spiegel Fine Arts
221 Lobos Avenue
Pacific Grove
(1) 831 372 4672

Literary agent:
Merrilee Heifetz
21 W.26th. Street
New York
New York

For original artwork and prints, please look online at the inventories at these galleries, or email them directly. I will post news of forthcoming exhibitions on the NEWS page when they happen.

Galerie Martel, Paris –

Galerie Artizar, Palma –

Galerie Barbier & Mathon –

Rye Art Gallery, Rye, UK –

Huberty Breyne Gallery, Brussels –

Century Guild, Los Angeles –

Galerie GĂ©nat, Paris –