You can contact me, or ask me a question on TWITTER: @davemckean

I don’t look at my twitter feed all the time, but I usually catch questions that I can answer easily as they go by. If you want an interview, or an appearance at a festival or art school, or your enquiry is more involved, catch my attention on twitter and I can DM you an email address.

I have a private Facebook page, but only use it to communicate and keep in touch with people I actually know. I never look at or respond to Messenger messages.

There is a Fans of DM page – it is not run by me, but I keep an eye on it, and comment and answer questions sometimes.

If you have placed an order and have questions regarding it, or want any information regarding the shop on this website, please email:

Please only contact my agents if you have publishing or business questions to discuss:

Illustration and design in the US:

Allen Spiegel @ Allen Spiegel Fine Arts
221 Lobos Avenue
Pacific Grove
(1) 831 372 4672

Literary agent:
Merrilee Heifetz
21 W.26th. Street
New York
New York

For original artwork and prints, please look online at the inventories at these galleries, or email them directly. I will post news of forthcoming exhibitions on the NEWS page when they happen.

Galerie Martel, Paris –

Galerie Artizar, Palma –

Galerie Barbier & Mathon –

Rye Art Gallery, Rye, UK –

Huberty Breyne Gallery, Brussels –

Century Guild, Los Angeles –

Galerie GĂ©nat, Paris –